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Elephant Rain - the low down

As depicted in the t-shirt above, Elephants or ‘Iljunfants’ can spray water or ‘rain’ from their trunks.
They are the largest land mammal on earth and shot to fame due to the work of individuals like the gravity defining ‘Jumbo Jr’ a.k.a ‘Dumbo’.
Just like Dumbo’s feather helped him fly, this awesome t-shirt will help you fly. (Please note, t-shirt will in no way help you fly)

Sizing Small Medium Large
Body Width 45.72cm | 18" 49.53cm | 19-1/2" 53.34cm | 21"
Body Length 69.85cm | 27-1/2" 72.39cm | 28-1/2" 74.93cm | 29-1/2"