Arriving in the not to distant future.


Sea Pixels (Coming Soon) - the low down

As everyone knows the mighty Sea Turtle is made up of roughly 100 super pixels. Due to their high ppi Sea Turtles can live for quite a long time.
They’re are seven different species of Sea Turtle, with pixel densities ranging from 150 pixels per inch to nearly 860 pixels per inch.
While our Sea Pixels t-shirt doesn’t have quite as many pixels per inch as real Sea Turtles it’s still a mighty fine t-shirt.

Sizing Small Medium Large
Body Width 45.72cm | 18" 49.53cm | 19-1/2" 53.34cm | 21"
Body Length 69.85cm | 27-1/2" 72.39cm | 28-1/2" 74.93cm | 29-1/2"